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What is the main reason for the fat tongue?

What is the main reason for the fat tongue?

Monday, March 08, 2021

Do you feel like you have a fat tongue? If you're not familiar with the phrase, it refers to the feeling that your tongue is larger than it should be and does not fit properly in your mouth. For those that may not know whether they have a fat tongue, here are a few signs.

Signs You Have a Fat Tongue:

  • You may see indentations, or scalloped edges, on the sides of your tongue as you extend it out. When your tongue is squeezed in your mouth and pressing on your teeth, this happens.
  • While talking, sleeping, and/or eating, you frequently bite the sides of your tongue.
  • Your tongue appears to be taking up all of the available space in your mouth.
  • The sides of your tongue may be seen coming out between your molars as you swallow. 
  • When you push your tongue out, you may see a fissure or crease in the center, indicating that it was resting in a tight space, putting pressure on the sides.
  • People can see your tongue moving inside and outside while you speak.
  • When you produce the /S/ sound, your tongue may run into your teeth or stick out of your mouth, resulting in a lisp.
  • Your tongue may protrude between your teeth/lips while your mouth is "resting."
  • You frequently feel like you must chew with your mouth open.
  • To assist in washing down the food, you may drink a lot of fluids while eating.

What is the Cause of Fat Tongue?

The main reason for your tongue being fat is probably because your tongue is not “living” in the right place in your mouth and it is allowed to be resting more often with no boundaries, such as staying inside your mouth. Is there anything you can do about your fat tongue?

What Can Correct Fat Tongue?

Your tongue, like your body, is made up of muscles. Exercises will have the same effect on your tongue as they do on your physique. Our Correct My Tongue Thrust Program provides you with step-by-step exercises that can help improve the strength of your tongue. You can retrain your tongue to fit properly in your mouth and find relief from some of the issues related to a fat tongue. If you are ready to correct your tongue thrust, check out our Online program

Janet M. Bennett

Written by:

Janet Bennett, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, is a Speech Pathologist in private practice in Asheville, NC, since 1977. She specializes in treating tongue thrust, a swallowing disorder that can result in buckteeth, an open bite, a lisp, snoring, and other problems that have not yet been made known to most people.