Is Sleep Apnea Worse in Winter?

The holidays are a special time of year where we get a chance to step back, reflect on what’s important in life, spend time with family, and enjoy charming decorations. People don’t mind the chill in the air as we are all dreaming about a white Christmas.

However, after the new year, many of us are already looking forward to spring. The short days and long dark nights make you miss the sunshine. The snow and ice make daily activities more difficult and unsafe.

The cold temperatures may make your joints hurt, and muscles ache. The dry air may make your throat sore and contribute to dry mouth.

If you experience sleep apnea, you may wonder if it gets worse during the winter. Continue reading

Why Do I Keep Waking Up With a Dry Mouth and Sore Throat?

With the New Year in view, many people have made resolutions and set goals to improve their health and wellness. You are planning to exercise more often, eat more nutritiously, use your downtime more wisely, and be better next year than you were last year.

Reaching your health and wellness goals starts with sleeping well. When you wake up in the morning, you want to seize the day. That means going to bed early enough to get a full night’s sleep, practicing good sleep hygiene, and avoiding the snooze button.

However, if you wake up each morning with a dry mouth and a sore throat, it is going to leave you with a sour taste about keeping up with your health and wellness goals. Continue reading

Give Yourself or a Loved One the Gift of Relief from Snoring

It is officially the most wonderful time of the year. Homes, businesses, and downtowns are filled with beautiful decorations commemorating the season. People are encouraged to spread kindness and goodness to one another, and many places in the country are already a winter wonderland of snow.

For many, this is the season you look forward to the most. Everyone likes receiving presents, but some people excel at gift-giving. This is your time to shine and spread holiday cheer. You know each person on your list, their likes and dislikes, their stories, and you’ve had your eye out on the perfect gift for everyone throughout the year. Continue reading

What to Do? My Partner Keeps Me Up With Snoring

You certainly love your partner. You probably love them more than anyone or anything in the world. That’s why for quite some time, possibly years or decades, you have suffered through night-after-night of relentless snoring. While they seem to be sleeping soundly, you are trying your best to plug your ears and find some way to sleep through what sounds like someone sawing logs.

Over time, your patience for their snoring has to wear thin, right? When you’re tired all the time, you’re likely more irritable and easily frustrated than usual. Your health and wellness can suffer greatly from sleep deprivation. If a snoring partner is keeping you awake at night, you might be at your wit’s end about what to do. We’re here to help.

In this article, we want to help you better understand why your partner snores, and offer what could potentially be a solution to what is often the root cause of it. Continue reading

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Balancing life, work, and family is challenging in the best of times. You work hard all day, spend the evenings shuttling kids to practices and meetings, and try to squeeze in a family dinner at least a few times each week. As if that is not enough, the last few years have forced parents to add juggling social distancing, working and learning remotely, and ever-changing schedules to our already hectic lives.

What we all need is a good night’s sleep. We actually need that every day. However, if you suffer from a condition like sleep apnea, extended deep sleep can be difficult to achieve. At IJustWantTo® Correct My Tongue Thrust, we have an interest in sleep apnea.

People who have tongue thrust often breathe primarily through their mouths. Mouth breathing can lead to snoring. Over time, snoring can worsen, leading to other conditions, such as sleep apnea. Continue reading

Tongue Thrust in Pediatric Patients

Parents will do anything to make sure their children have what they need to grow and thrive. We spend countless hours researching everything there is to know about health and wellness. We become experts in academic subjects just to help them with their homework. Parents even make choices about careers and places to live based on what is best for their children.

For parents of pediatric patients, tongue thrust may be something of which you’ve never heard. However, it is not something to ignore. Tongue thrust can lead to a number of issues. In this article, we are discussing tongue thrust, what it is, how it affects your child, and what you can do about it. Continue reading

Answering Questions About Braces and Tongue Thrust Therapy

Raising children is one of, if not the most challenging endeavors in life. There is no handbook when it comes to parenting. You can, of course, find countless materials that provide plenty of advice, but every resource seems to arrive at different conclusions. For parents, it may seem like there is a never-ending stream of decisions you have to make about education, medical care, dentistry, daily routines, screen time, and so much more. If your child needs braces and speech issues at the same time, the root cause could be tongue thrust. In this article, we want to help answer your questions about braces, speech, and tongue thrust therapy? Continue reading

Four Ways Mouth-Breathing is Affecting Your Life

There is a lot of emphasis on health and wellness in our culture. People are more passionate than ever about taking care of themselves. We are realizing that every part of health and wellness is connected:

  • Our nutrition impacts our energy, fitness, and disposition. 
  • Our fitness affects how we process food, our energy, and our happiness. 
  • Our attitude impacts how we eat and the motivation we have for exercise.

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Six Ways Tongue Thrust Affects Your Daily Life

The signs you are experiencing tongue thrust are there. Whether you have difficulty with certain parts of speech, trouble swallowing, experience excessive snoring, or something else, tongue thrust can have a profound impact on your life. You may not realize that those things are related to tongue thrust, or you may not realize all the ways in which your tongue thrust affects your day-to-day life, so in this article, we want to help. We are discussing ways in which tongue thrust impacts your daily life, in order to help you identify whether you or a loved one is experiencing it, and what to do about it. Continue reading

IJustWantTo Correct My Tongue Thrust to Stop Snoring

Most of the time it can seem like a humorous part of your personality. The fact that you snore is something people poke fun at you about, comparing the sound you make when you’re asleep to sawing logs. However, you know that your spouse and family who hear you snore day in and day out are annoyed by it. And as far as your sleep is concerned, you’re not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg as far as what is causing you to feel fatigued all the time, but you know that you’re not getting enough rest. There is a good chance that your snoring is one of the reasons you feel tired all the time. Continue reading