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Another sleepless night! We have got to do something about Johnny’s snoring, but what?

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How can he sleep through all that noise?

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Mom always has trouble waking up Johnny. He is too tired to get up.

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Johnny gets so sleepy in school and he has trouble concentrating.

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Johnny’s friends won’t invite him to their sleepover because his snoring keeps everyone awake. He can’t help it if he snores. Johnny is very sad.

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Johnny wakes up every morning with a dry mouth and sore throat.

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Johnny’s mom decides to take him to the doctor for help. The doctor tells them Johnny’s snoring is preventing him from getting a good night’s sleep. This is why he is difficult to wake up and why he gets sleepy during the day.

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The good news is that IJustWantTo Correct My Tongue Thrust can help him stop snoring and get a good night’s sleep.

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Johnny and his mom practice his exercises two times every day. The exercises aren’t hard to do and they don’t hurt. Mom has a special treat for Johnny when he finishes the program.

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Only 3 weeks after starting the exercises, Johnny is waking himself up and feeling great! He is sleeping much better now.

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Johnny and his mom return to the doctor’s office after the 7-week program. Johnny feels great and his sore throat is gone. It’s easier to pay attention in school and his grades are better!

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Mom surprised Johnny by letting him have a sleepover with his friends.

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Johnny doesn’t snore anymore and everyone gets a good night’s sleep!

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Will this program work with children?

The Correct My Tongue Thrust program requires that a child can focus on where their tongue is in their mouth and then change that by watching the video and/or you, the parent. You know your child better than anyone. I usually don't see them under the age of 7-8 because a certain level of maturity is needed to practice tongue exercises twice daily. This may only take 15-20 minutes. I have worked with a 4-year-old autistic child whose mother was great about ensuring her child was doing the exercises and doing them correctly. He was very successful with this program.

It won't hurt if you get the program before your child is ready. You can always pick one exercise from Lesson 1 and work on that for as long as you like. When your child is mature enough, both of you will be ready.

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