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Home of the Research Triangle Park, the Carolina Hurricanes, and the RDU International Airport, Raleigh, NC has welcomed hundreds of thousands of new residents to the area in the past several decades. The capital of North Carolina has the 43rd highest population in the nation. Since the inception of the Research Triangle Park, the Triangle area has experienced unprecedented growth for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Residents of Raleigh have access to an abundance of excellent careers in technology, engineering, and every other industry. 
  • People enjoy upwards of 50 miles of purpose-built cycling and pedestrian greenways. 
  • From Dorothea Dix Park to Umstead Park, there are numerous green spaces throughout the area. 
  • Specialty coffee, excellent food, and great shopping are all just a short drive or walk from wherever you find yourself in the Triangle area. 
  • Central North Carolina is perfectly located almost exactly halfway between the beach and the mountains. 
  • The area is known for having multiple world-class universities and colleges like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, North Carolina Central University, Duke University, and many others. 

Raleigh residents and families live in an exciting place with so much to do. No one wants to be slowed down by the adverse effects associated with tongue thrust. Here is what you need to know about tongue thrust and how to correct it. 

Defining Tongue Thrust

Tongue thrust is a condition in which the tongue pushes against or comes between your front teeth while at rest and/or swallowing. There are indicators that you are suffering tongue thrust. Whether you have issues with lisping, swallowing problems, or heavy snoring, tongue thrust can have a significant influence on your life.

  • Breathing predominantly via your mouth allows contaminated air, foreign diseases, and dangerous germs to enter your body.
  • Loud snoring can be caused by mouth breathing, which can be worsened by a tongue thrust.
  • Chronic fatigue is exacerbated by mouth-breathing and snoring, which prevents you from getting the REM sleep you require.
  • As we previously stated, weariness may lead to stress, which can lead to even greater fatigue.
  • Fatigue and stress can lead to stress-eating and a loss of energy due to poor nutrition and exercise habits.
  • Tongue thrust may affect tooth alignment.
  • Tongue thrust and dental difficulties can contribute to speech problems and lead to the development of a lisp.

Correcting Tongue Thrust for Residents in Raleigh, NC

Correcting tongue thrust is vital to improving the conditions that affect your life. Our seven-week program will help you or your child retrain the position in which the tongue rests. The simple lessons will provide key exercises that can correct your tongue thrust and change your life. Visit our online store for more information about how to correct tongue thrust in Raleigh and anywhere else in the nation.