Frequently Asked Questions about the Tongue Thrust Program

What comes with the IJustWantTo Correct My Tongue Thrust Program?

You will get seven weekly lessons with 3-5 different tongue exercises to train you to swallow a NEW way. This NEW way of swallowing will become a NEW habit. The program is available as online eBook with videos or CD that contains the eBook and videos (recommended for dial-up users).

The easy exercises are explained in detail and they do not hurt. If there is anything hard about the exercises, it is REMEMBERING to do them.

How do you know if you really have a tongue thrust? These questions are for both children and adults.

When you swallow, does your tongue push the back of your teeth, or push between your teeth?

The correct way to swallow is to put your tongue tip on the roof of your mouth, immediately behind your teeth. When swallowing, the tongue goes up and back to clear the saliva.

Do you have an overjet (upper teeth stick out too far)?

An overjet usually occurs when you push your tongue against the back of your teeth, moving your teeth out.

Do you have an open bite (a space between the upper and lower teeth)?

An open bite usually occurs when the tongue protrudes between the teeth while swallowing. This usually results in a gap between the upper and lower teeth. If the sides of your tongue protrude between your back teeth, you may have trouble chewing, having only 1 or 2 contact points.

Do you have to have your lips closed in order to swallow?

Look in the mirror. Smile real big so your teeth show. Now swallow your normal way. Watch yourself in the mirror. Did your lips immediately close? Do you find it difficult, if not impossible, to swallow while you are smiling? If you can swallow while smiling, can you see your tongue come to the front of your mouth and push against your teeth or come between them? This is the act of thrusting your tongue.

Do you make a funny face when you swallow?

If the lips are pursed and the chin bunched up, that indicates a thrust. Lip incompetence may also be a cause of making a “funny face” while swallowing.

When you say the “S” sound, does your tongue protrude between your teeth and sound like a “TH” sound?

If you have a lisp, your tongue is pushing against your teeth or protruding when you make the “S” sound. This does not necessarily mean that you have a tongue thrust while swallowing. Not all lispers are tongue thrusters and not all tongue thrusters are lispers.

Have you had braces removed and now notice that your teeth are moving back where they used to be?

If you had an over bite or open bite before you had braces applied, your teeth will probably return to their original position if you do not get the tongue thrust corrected before removing the braces. If the braces have already been removed and your teeth have started moving back, there is a good chance that your bite will improve once again if you treat the tongue thrust.

Note: An orthodontist should be consulted regarding the cause of the tooth movement and whether a Speech-Language Pathologist should be consulted regarding tongue postures/movements.

Do you constantly have chapped lips?

Chapped or cracked lips are due to constant lip licking. You may think you have to lick your lips because they are dry. Actually, the reason the lips are dry is the constant licking and resulting chapping.

IJustWantTo Correct My Tongue Thrust is is the third in the IJustWantTo series of How-To books. The author, Janet Bennett, M.Ed., has a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology and has been a licensed, Speech Pathologist for over 35 years. She has treated Tongue Thrust exclusively for the past 25+ years and is now sharing this new information.

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