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correct a lispWhen we speak, we want people to listen. You have something to say and expect people to listen. Unfortunately, for those with speech challenges such as speaking with a lisp, you may limit how often you choose to speak. Some even experience bullying for speech issues. Whether it's you or your child, having a lisp can be something you want to be corrected. Here is a potential solution to your lisp.

What Does it Mean to Have a Lisp?


When a person's tongue touches the back of their teeth or protrudes between their teeth to form the "s" or "z" sound, it is indicative that they have a lisp. As a result, the sounds are pronounced as "thun" for "sun." Since you have to stick your tongue out to make the “th” sound, it can be difficult for others to determine what you are saying when you speak. When you say "thumb" and "that" while staring in the mirror, your tongue will protrude. This is a common occurrence with the “th” sound.Your tongue MUST protrude between your lips in order to say TH correctly. For those with a lisp, their tongue is in a similar position with the "s" and "z" sounds.

Those who have a lisp, whether children and adults are often mocked or teased by their peers. Many youngsters are unaware that they have a lisp, and if a friend taunts them, they may be unaware of the true problem or how to help.

Can Tongue Thrust Cause a Person to Have a Lisp?

If you or your child has a lisp, it is likely they are experiencing tongue thrust. Tongue thrust occurs when your tongue pushes against or comes between your front teeth while you're resting or swallowing. You're probably unaware of what's going on or how much it's affecting your daily life; however, it will impact more than just speech. Tongue thrust can lead to mouth-breathing, dental issues, and other concerns. Even if you identify tongue thrust as the root of the lisp, how can it be corrected?

Correcting Tongue Thrust to Fix My Lisp

It makes more sense to strengthen the muscles in the mouth, tongue, and lips than to teach someone how to say the "s" or "z" sound. At IJustWantTo Correct My Tongue Thrust, we have developed a program that helps people accomplish this by practicing exercises every day for seven weeks. What is needed to correct a lisp, is for the tongue to not go quite as far forward as it is going when lisping. The exercises will strengthen and tone the tongue muscles, preparing it to not have to go so far forward and that is how just toning the tongue can fix your lisp.

Because the tongue learns to "dwell" in the proper place in the mouth, the "s" and "z" sounds normally take care of themselves. For people who follow through with the entire program, we have seen a 100% success rate.

Are you ready to correct your lisp or help your child improve their speech? You need to learn more about our program. Contact us or visit our store for more information about how we can help correct your lisp in just seven weeks.