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Stop Snoring Program
Stop Snoring Program

Stop Snoring with the
Correct My Tongue Thrust Program

Stop Snoring with the Correct My Tongue Thrust Program

Retrain your tongue to rest in the correct position while you sleep

This program is available online as short weekly lessons with instructions and videos so you can start today and stop snoring.

Stop Snoring with the "Correct My Tongue Thrust" at-home Program.

The "Correct My Tongue Thrust" program reduces or eliminates snoring due to mouth breathing and incorrect tongue position. The program's goal is to train your tongue to live on the roof of your mouth. This is accomplished by building the tongue muscles with specific exercises and making the new tongue position a habit. When this happens, nasal breathing should replace mouth breathing while sleeping.

The program offers a natural, non-invasive way to keep the tongue from blocking the airway and was discovered and written by speech therapist Janet Bennett, M.Ed., CCC-SLP.

If you suspect that you have symptoms related to a medical condition, you should see your healthcare provider to rule out any potentially serious healthcare conditions prior to beginning this program.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

The "Correct My Tongue Thrust" program helps people to stop snoring due to mouth breathing and incorrect tongue position. Other sleep disorder symptoms often accompany snoring, and this program has been successful in reducing or eliminating many of these symptoms as well, according to the preliminary findings.

Other symptoms may disappear with the "Correct My Tongue Thrust" Program:

Some people presently using a CPAP machine to alleviate a sleep disorder continue to experience some or all of the above symptoms. This program may help them reduce or eliminate these symptoms. The "Correct My Tongue Thrust" program is not intended to replace the CPAP machine. Any changes made should be determined by your sleep specialist.

Research shows that some children diagnosed with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may have a sleep disorder2, 3, 4. Researchers at Stanford University Medical Center have discovered a link between sleep patterns and cancer progression7. A large percentage of motor vehicle accidents8 occur because the driver is sleepy. Truck drivers11, shift workers6, athletes10, and military personnel9 are just a few who experience increased accidents and decreased concentration and response time because of a sleep disorder.

The"Correct My Tongue Thrust" program has been highly successful in helping people to stop snoring where their snoring has been due to mouth breathing and incorrect tongue position. It is easy to do and requires very little time. This program is totally non-invasive and drug-free. Preliminary study results have shown no side effects or painful results. Imagine sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed!

Video Testimonials


Who Would Not Benefit?

People who cannot breathe through their nose would likely not benefit from the "Correct My Tongue Thrust" program. However, those who suffer seasonal allergies and sinus infections, resulting in temporary nasal congestion, may benefit from the "Correct My Tongue Thrust" program when their nasal congestion clears up. Also, people who breathe through their mouths by habit rather than by necessity may benefit from this program.

People who experience “nasal” snoring would likely not benefit from the "Correct My Tongue Thrust" program. This group of people breathes through their noses while sleeping, and their tongue usually stays on the roof of their mouth. They report that they seem to be snoring through their nose instead of their mouth.

How Does the Program Work?

The "Correct My Tongue Thrust" program consists of seven (7) different lessons. Each lesson contains 3-5 simple tongue exercises that MUST be practiced a minimum of two times daily for one week. Look at the DVD or online videos at the beginning of each lesson to be sure you are performing the exercises correctly. If a week passes and the exercises have not been practiced at least two times daily, that lesson should be repeated or continued until the criteria to move on has been met. It is recommended that before starting the program, you should be serious about performing the exercises over 7 weeks as instructed. However, you do not need to wait until you have seven “clear” weeks in a row. If something comes up and you have to go out of town, you can still do your exercises. If something happens and life is too hectic to think about the exercises, you can pick up where you left off at a later time. Just start the program now! Do not delay! Imagine feeling better when you wake up!


How Much Time Does It Take?

The exercises in each lesson must be performed a minimum of two times daily. Most of the exercises are short, and you will probably spend only 15-20 minutes twice a day. Some exercises can also be performed while driving to and from work, working at the computer, gardening, folding clothes, reading, watching TV, etc. The exercises can be performed at home or away from home.

The entire program can be completed in 7 weeks if the exercises in each lesson are performed two times daily for seven days. It would be best to establish a routine and decide in advance when you will do your exercises. If you drive to work, most of them can be done at that time. That means you could do them on your way home from work, also. Some of them require a mirror, and it will be best to do these when you brush your teeth, two times daily. If you do not work outside the home or are retired, you should incorporate these exercises into your daily routine. Plan this when you start the program.

How Quickly Will I Feel Results?

How quickly you start feeling results from this program depends on several factors. It depends on your anatomy, the strength of your tongue, your willingness to follow the program, and your desire to reduce or eliminate your snoring due to mouth breathing and an incorrect tongue position. This program is easy, and many people have seen remarkable results in just two days! Others start seeing results in one to two weeks, and some may take six weeks. For effective results, you must complete the entire program because some muscles are weaker than others and need more time to get stronger.

What Do Former Participants Say?

Testimonial 1


I had a severe issue with my lower teeth beginning to space and protrude. Area orthodontists were hesitant to do braces because of my Sleep Apnea. After just a few weeks in the Tongue Thrust program, I began to see significant improvement in not only teeth movement but correction in chewing and swallowing.

– Robert Wyatt

Testimonial 2


I cannot thank Correct My Tongue Thrust for their time and support in re-training my tongue! I had NO idea my tongue placement was so off and luckily I was told to try this program. With their assistance and some slight modifications in my diet, I have been able to alleviate some major salivary gland stone issues I was having as well as sleeping better, staying more hydrated, and I can now swallow pills! Thanks again, I am beyond grateful!

– Nicole M., Asheville, NC

Testimonial 3


Thank you so much for your tongue thrust program. I have had such a battle for the past year with chronic pain from my geographic tongue and fissured tongue on the sides. I am so glad I came across your website and realized that I also have a tongue thrust and that I can do something about it! I am sure that it is going to make a huge difference for me. Thank you!


Testimonial 4


My wife Kelly pretty much concluded after week one that she could never have a night's sleep being in the same room and would often retreat to the couch in the living room after I fell asleep.

At this point, I started looking on the Internet for a solution, preferably one that would address the cause. I came across your site and decided to give your program a try. After the second week, my symptoms were rapidly disappearing. About halfway through the program, I was sleeping normally and I was feeling much better when I woke up. My wife can now sleep in the same bed as I.”

– Hartmut Schwarz

Testimonial 5


“The program was great. I no longer grind my teeth and rarely snore. Not only have I improved my tongue position but I have also paid attention to my lower jaw position and have learned to relax it more in order to keep my teeth lined up better. The program was a good length and was simple enough to understand and fit into a busy schedule, yet it was substantial enough to provide major benefits and lifelong changes.”

– Nancy M., 42 years., ROCHESTER, VT

Testimonial 6


“Before this program, I had exhausted all the possibilities I knew about except the CPAP machine and I couldn’t bear the thought of using a machine. I was very happy to learn of a method that avoided CPAP and other mechanical means.”

– Larry H., 47 years old

Testimonial 7


“Your program is wonderful! Going to sleep at night is no longer a problem and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. Your sleep program has enhanced my quality of life!”

– Andrea S., 43 yrs., ASHEVILLE, NC

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The following statements are quotes from people who have used the "Correct My Tongue Thrust" program:

After Lesson 1:

  • “My tongue is staying on the roof of my mouth more.”
  • “My spouse says I am snoring less.”
  • “I am only getting up one time during the night as opposed to 3 or 4.”
  • “The rooster next door didn’t wake me up!”
  • “My spouse has slept well this week.”
  • “Initially, only the tip of my tongue stayed up. By the end of the week, the middle part of my tongue was up on the roof also.”
  • “I am not snoring at all!”

After Lesson 2:

  • “I definitely know where my tongue is!”
  • “My spouse says I am ‘wolfling’ instead of snoring.”
  • “My wife can’t report my snoring because she is now sleeping all night!”
  • “My tongue is on the roof of my mouth ALL of the time.”
  • “I have not awakened gasping for air all week.”
  • “I can now sleep for 4 hours before I wake up. I used to wake up every 2 hours.”
  • “I am not grinding my teeth now.”
  • “My mouth is not dry when I wake up.”

After Lesson 3:

  • “I am waking up more refreshed.”
  • “I am not sweating during the night.”
  • “I am sleeping deeper and dreaming more.”
  • “My tongue is vacuumed on the roof of my mouth!”
  • “I didn’t wake up at all last night!”
  • “I am seeing an improvement in every area!”
  • “I am not as sleepy during the day.”
  • “I ride a bike and can tell my breathing is better.”

After Lesson 4:

  • “I don’t feel the need for a nap during the day.”
  • “I can sleep on my back now and still wake up and feel rested.”
  • “I am in a better mood when I wake up.”
  • “My family didn’t hear me snore when we went on vacation.”
  • “My husband hasn’t left our bedroom at night for the last 2 weeks!”

After Lesson 5:

  • “I can now turn toward my wife when I sleep because I am not snoring!”
  • “My husband let me back in the bedroom!”

After Lesson 6:

  • “It’s a pleasure to get out of bed now.”
  • “My tongue is not in my way now. It feels like I have an open airway.”
  • “It is easier to go back to sleep now when I wake up.”

How soon will I stop snoring after beginning the "Correct My Tongue Thrust" program?

This will depend on the individual.

1. Anatomy – is your tongue extra large? Yes, this program may be able to help you.

If you have any kind of nasal blockage that prohibits you from breathing through your nose while you sleep, this program is not for you. Nasal breathing is one of the goals of this program. Your first goal should be to seek medical help to unblock your nasal passages. Then the "Correct My Tongue Thrust" program should be your second goal to help you sleep better.

2. Personality – Can/will you follow directions? Are you determined to complete the entire program? If you have an extra large tongue, are you willing to do the exercises more often until you get the expected results?

Many people see results after completing Lesson 1.

These results may be that they aren’t getting up during the night or their spouse says their snoring is “quieter.” Other people need to do 3 or 4 lessons before they see improvement. Those with a large tongue may want to do each Lesson for 2 weeks instead of 1 week. Still, others may not see total improvement until they complete the program.

Will I have to kick my pets and kids out of the bed?

Absolutely not! You practice the exercises while driving to work or watching TV and eventually you will change your tongue position while you sleep and your pets and kids will sleep better too!

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