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Tongue Thrust CorrectionIt is amazing how one issue in your life can have a domino effect on your health and wellness. It can work like this:

  • If you make poor nutrition choices, you will have a lack of energy. 
  • If you lack energy, you will struggle with the motivation to exercise.
  • If you don't exercise, you may experience stress and irritability. 
  • If you are stressed, you may not sleep well and begin experiencing fatigue.
  • If you are fatigued, you will potentially be even more stressed, losing even more sleep.
  • If you are fatigued and stressed, you will likely make poor nutrition choices, lack the energy to exercise, and continue the process. 

Fortunately, making key adjustments to your lifestyle can influence positive decisions that will improve your health and wellness. One of those changes you can make is to find out if you are breathing correctly. Are you breathing through your mouth or your nose while awake and asleep? You may be breathing through your nose while awake but your mouth while asleep. Determining if you have a tongue thrust will help to determine what is causing you to mouth breathe as opposed to breathing through your nose. Here is how you can experience tongue thrust correction and a host of benefits that come with retraining your tongue to fit properly in your mouth. 

What is Tongue Thrust?

Tongue thrust is a condition in which the tongue pushes against or comes between your front teeth while at rest and/or swallowing. You probably have no idea what's going on or how much it's affecting your day-to-day existence.

Why is Tongue Thrust a Problem?

Whether it's you or your child, tongue thrust can contribute to a number of issues, including:

  • Mouth-Breathing: Breathing primarily through your mouth invites dirty air, foreign pathogens, and harmful germs into your body. 
  • Snoring: Mouth-breathing can cause loud snoring which may be exacerbated by a tongue thrust.
  • Fatigue: Mouth-breathing and snoring can keep you from getting the REM sleep you need, contributing to chronic fatigue. 
  • Stress: As we discussed earlier, fatigue can cause stress, which can cause more fatigue. 
  • Poor Nutrition and Exercise Habits: Fatigue and stress can lead to stress-eating and lack of energy. 
  • Dental Issues: Tongue thrust can negatively influence the position of your teeth in your mouth. 
  • Speech Problems: Tongue thrust and dental issues can contribute to speech issues and cause you to develop a lisp. 

If you or your child is experiencing tongue thrust, you need to take steps to correct it as soon as possible. 

How Can You Correct Tongue Thrust?

The key to correcting tongue thrust is retraining the tongue to rest in the proper place in your mouth. IJustWantToCorrect My Tongue Thrust is here to assist you. IJustWantTo Correct My Tongue Thrust is a tongue muscle workout program that has been shown to reduce snoring and tongue thrusting caused by mouth breathing and poor tongue position. Without the use of medicine, surgery, or invasive procedures, our seven-week tongue exercise program can help correct tongue thrust. If you'd like to learn more about our program, please contact us or place an order right now.