Correct My Tongue Thrust Personal Program


Easy to use online program and videos with instant access.

You’ll receive the patented “Tongue Stick” and “Remember” bracelet in the mail after purchase. The program exercises and example videos will be instantly available after purchase.




This program is the only solution of its kind. It is a 7-week tongue exercise program that has proven results to correct a tongue thrust and fix an incorrect tongue position. This is accomplished by building the tongue muscles with specific exercises and by making the new tongue position a habit. When this happens, nasal breathing should replace mouth breathing while sleeping, stopping snoring and other symptoms of mouth breathing.

What you get:
You will get seven weekly lessons with 3-5 different tongue exercises to train you to swallow a NEW way. This NEW way of swallowing will become a NEW habit. This is an online product.
2) Online support videos that will show you how to do the exercises. The easy exercises are explained in detail and they do not hurt. Two videos are included for each week – Instructions and an “perform it with the therapist” version.
3) One Patented Tongue Stick™ and “Reminder” bracelet will be mailed to you, helping with performing the exercises.
 Personal e-mail & chat access to author.

You will receive access information to the Support Site immediately after purchase by email and on your screen. Expect the bracelet and patented Tongue Stick™ in the mail in 1-2 weeks.

The author, Janet Bennett, M.Ed., has a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology and has been a licensed Speech Pathologist for over 30 years. She has treated Tongue Thrust exclusively for the past 20+ years and now is sharing this technique with you.

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Dimensions 7 × 10 in

One Tongue Stick, Add Additional Tongue Stick ($5)