Janet has been exceptional with our patients that need myofunctional therapy in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. Results have been amazing and every patient and family have been highly pleased with the treatment received at Asheville Speech Associates. – Dr. Jeffrey Roeder, Asheville, NC

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with your program ‘IJustWantTo® Correct My Tongue Thrust.”  I have had orthodontic work to close my open bite, but I also needed to fix my tongue thrust, so my bite did not open up again. The exercises were simple and easy to follow, and although it did require strict dedication to them for two months it has worked.

I feel completely confident now with my teeth and how my mouth looks, when I am speaking and eating and its general shape has improved. I feel normal now like everybody else, and I am no longer self conscious about the way my mouth and teeth look, as thanks to the orthodontic work and your exercises they now look perfect!

I would just like to thank you again, I really feel grateful, this transformation would not have been possible without your research and your developing this program.” – A.S. – United Kingdom

“The information online was easy to comprehend and was a definate reflection of my child. It encouraged my child to work with me. The product was extremely easy and successful. It is important to do all the exercises faithfully. The product was a good length and was simple enough to understand and fit into a busy schedule. Within a short time frame it was apparent that there was a noticeable improvement in my childs tongue thrust.

I have also noticed thus far, that my child’s social interaction with family, friends etc. has enhanced tremendously. My child was co-operative with the exercises because he too noticed a difference. This product has definitely changed my child’s life. It is well worth the time and effort and I highly recommend it.”– M.G. – Thunder Bay, ON