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Snoring Treatment Near MeThere is nothing like a good night's sleep. After a long day of work, you just want to lay down, get under the covers, and drift off into dreamland. Unfortunately, many of us know all too well the feeling of being on the cusp of deep sleep only to be stirred by the sound of our spouse sawing logs. Of course, they are not literally chopping firewood, they are snoring, and it is miserable for you. Maybe you're reading this knowing you are the one snoring, and you feel terrible that you are keeping your family from resting properly. You may have tried:

  • Strips that hold the nose open of the snoring culprit
  • Sleeping with a pillow over their head
  • Having the snoring person sleep in the basement or another part of the house
  • Family members using white noise devices or uncomfortable headphones 
  • Trying to become a productive insomniac

People who visit IJustWantTo Correct My Tongue Thrust are frequently shocked to discover that mouth breathing is a prevalent cause of snoring. Here we will go over how to stop snoring for good by recognizing and eliminating mouth breathing. 

Correct Your Tongue Thrust to Stop Snoring

Tongue thrust is a term used to describe what happens when your tongue pushes against your front teeth when you are at rest or swallowing. Tongue thrust often leads to mouth breathing, which is a common contributor to snoring. If you retrain your tongue to fit properly in your mouth, you may stop snoring for good. Our program helps correct tongue thrust. 

When I worked with a small group of 86 people, 94 percent of them were able to learn to sleep without snoring and wake up feeling refreshed. In my practice, I deal with clients on a regular basis and have a 100% success record if they can physically breathe through their nose and complete their exercises as directed.

Our program is available online. It is easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions for daily exercises to help retrain your tongue to rest in the proper position in your mouth. To get the seven-week program and begin the process of breaking your snoring habit, visit our online store today.