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janet_crop.jpgI'm Janet M. Bennett, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, and since 1994, I've specialized in the treatment of tongue thrust and helped hundreds of people correct tongue thrust disorder. I was treating a young man when I made a fantastic discovery.

This tongue thrust treatment is a series of simple tongue exercises - had eliminated the young man's snoring. He was no longer tired during the day and ran faster during football practice! His mom was amazed at how quickly and effectively it worked.  is an all-natural approach, and it focuses on what I found to be the biggest obstacle to correcting your tongue thrust and getting a good night's sleep - YOUR TONGUE!
If your tongue doesn't know where to "rest" in your mouth when sleeping, there is a good chance that it will partially block your airway, causing you to make undesirable noises, sleep with your mouth open, or gasp and choke for air. Are you aware that your tongue is made up of many different muscles? If some of these muscles are weak, they could cause your tongue to flop around in your mouth and block your airway.

What if you could strengthen specific muscles in your tongue?

That is the sole objective of the IJustWantTo Correct My Tongue Thrust program - to show you how to strengthen your tongue muscles so that your tongue can "rest" in a position that will help you sleep better and fix issues relating to tongue thrust.

This program is available as an online resource with online videos you can instantly view from any device.

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