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11 Signs Your Tongue is Too Big For Your Mouth

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

The IJustWantTo® Correct My Tongue Thrust Program has been proven to reduce the size of tongues that are too large for their mouth.

Using a series of tongue exercises, countless people have new lives with a skinnier tongue and sleeping better.

Using the patented Tongue Stick that comes with the program and the exercises each week, we have seen a reduction in tongue sizes for those patients who had trouble swallowing, talking, and chewing due to a large tongue. This is vitally important to reduce snoring and many other sleep-related problems.

Here are 11 signs your tongue is too big for your mouth.

  1. When you stick your tongue out, you can see indentations, or scalloped edges, on the sides of your tongue. This occurs when your tongue is squished in your mouth and pushed against your teeth.
  2. You often bite the sides of your tongue while talking, sleeping, and/or eating.
  3. It feels like your tongue is occupying all of the space inside your mouth.
  4. When you swallow, you can see the sides of your tongue come out between your molars. This may have caused your teeth to no longer meet, making it harder to chew some foods.
  5. When you stick your tongue out, you might see a fissure, or crease, down the middle of it, indicating that it was resting in a tight space, putting pressure on the sides of your tongue.
  6. When you talk, the listener can see your tongue moving around inside and outside.
  7. You may have a lisp because your tongue is running into your teeth or sticking out of your mouth when you make the /S/ sound.
  8. When your mouth is “resting,” your tongue may be protruding between your teeth/lips.
  9. You have to chew your food with your mouth open because your tongue needs more room to move around.
  10. You may drink a lot of liquid when eating to help wash down the food.
  11. Sometimes it feels like some food gets stuck in your throat on the way down and you have to cough or drink liquid to move it down.

What can you do to fix this? Check out our Tongue Thrust program designed to fix snoring but also any issues with the tongue. It's called IJustWantTo Correct My Tongue Thrust.

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Janet M. Bennett

Written by:

Janet Bennett, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, is a Speech Pathologist in private practice in Asheville, NC, since 1977. She specializes in treating tongue thrust, a swallowing disorder that can result in buckteeth, an open bite, a lisp, snoring, and other problems that have not yet been made known to most people.