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The Unique Discovery of a Way to Stop Snoring!

The Unique Discovery of a Way to Stop Snoring!

Thursday, October 20, 2022

In 1994, I opened an outpatient speech therapy clinic in Asheville, N.C. I started getting referrals for children who had a tongue thrust. These were school-aged children so why weren’t they receiving speech therapy in the school? I learned that tongue thrust is not treated in schools because it is not an educational problem. This meant that parents had to pay for private speech therapy and make arrangements for weekly appointments.

I had not received much training for tongue thrust in college, so I researched everything available and began using different programs until I learned, with experience, what actually worked. Treatment required the child to perform different tongue exercises and they had to practice at least 2 times daily or the program would not work. Only twelve lessons were needed to correct the tongue thrust. The accompanying parent observed me showing the child how to do the new exercises for the upcoming week so they could help the child if needed.


Today, tongue thrust has become my specialty, having treated hundreds of tongue thrusters. The Correct My Tongue Thrust program has now been perfected and reduced to a seven-week program. Children and adults are referred to me by their dentist or orthodontist. I have only had a few clients who did not do their exercises and the treatment was stopped. The others have successfully learned how to swallow the correct way, making it a new habit.

Could Fixing A Tongue Thrust Help You Stop Snoring?

In October 2002, I was treating Adam J., a 14-year-old football player, for tongue thrust. When he swallowed, his tongue came out between his teeth, causing the upper and lower teeth to stay apart. They couldn’t close together because his tongue was always going between his teeth every time he swallowed. He already had braces but they had not closed the gaps. The tongue was stronger than the metal!

After only 2 weeks of exercises, Adam’s mother asked, “What are you doing to Adam?” I said, “Why, what is wrong?” She said that Adam had always been a very loud snorer, disturbing everyone in the house. No one knew how to make him stop snoring. Now he was not making a sound when he slept! Adam said that his friends never got excited when he was sleeping over because he kept everyone awake. He also told me that he used to always wake up feeling tired and now he wakes up in the morning feeling great, concentrating easier, and getting better grades. Adam looked me in the eye and said, “I run faster now!”

So this means that if you have a tongue thrust and snore, then you are probably going to stop snoring, whether you want to or not!

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Janet M. Bennett

Written by:

Janet Bennett, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, is a Speech Pathologist in private practice in Asheville, NC, since 1977. She specializes in treating tongue thrust, a swallowing disorder that can result in buckteeth, an open bite, a lisp, snoring, and other problems that have not yet been made known to most people.